St. Louis Round Dance


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Take Me To the Mardi GrasCha IV+0+1Hilton
Take Me To Your Heart AgainFoxtrot IV+2Hilton
Take My Hand, Precious LordWaltz IIScherrer
Teach Your ChildrenTwostep II+1Pyles
TeardropsTwostep II+2Speranzo
Tequila SunriseCha IVScherrer
Texas TornadoTwostep IISperanzo
Thanks For the MemoryFoxtrot III+2Hilton
The Answer To Our Life 3Rumba III+2Hilton
The Answer To Our LifeRumba V+1Hilton
The Big OneTwostep IISperanzo
The Breeze and ICha III+1Pyles
The Cover Of A Rolling StoneTwostep II+1Hilton
The Curly ShuffleSingle Time Swing IV+2+2Scherrer
The First StepTwostep II+1Speranzo
The Green BeretsTwostep IIHilton
The Last Blues SongFoxtrot VScherrer
The Lover's WaltzWaltz II+1Scherrer
The Memphis BluesTwostep IIHilton
The Red StrokesSlow Twostep IVSperanzo
The Snake SongWaltz IIHilton
The Tips of My FingersWaltz IIHilton
The Winding StreamWaltz IIHilton
Theme From InuyashaWaltz VHilton
There Goes My HeartTwostep II+1Speranzo
There'll  Always Be a Honky Tonk SomewhereTwostep II+1Speranzo
There's A Time For EverythingFoxtrot IV+2Hilton
Third Rate RomanceRumba III+2Speranzo
Til I Kissed YaTwostep IITevlin
To You Sweetheart Aloha 3Foxtrot III+2Hilton
To You Sweetheart Aloha IVFoxtrot IVHilton
Too Much FunTwostep IIPyles
Try to RememberWaltz III+1Scherrer
Tucson Too SoonWaltz III+2Scherrer
Tuxedo JunctionFoxtrot/Jive IVScherrer
Two of a KindTwostep IISperanzo
Two Old Cats Like UsTwostep IIScherrer
Two SocksWaltz IV+1Broadwater