St. Louis Round Dance


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Wake Me Shake MeTwostep IIScherrer
Waltzing With YouWaltz II+1Scherrer
Warm and FuzzyFoxtrot VPyles
Watching All the GirlsFoxtrot VScherrer
Welcome To My WorldBolero IV+1Tevlin
When the Snow is on the RosesFoxtrot IVSperanzo
What Will I Leave BehindWaltz IIHilton
When A Man Loves A WomanSlow Twostep IV+1+1Hilton
When Hope Dawns At SunriseWaltz IVHilton
When I Grow Too Old To Dream 3Waltz III+1Hilton
When I Grow Too Old To DreamWaltz IV+1Hilton
When I'm Sixty-FourTwostep II+2Scherrer
When the Thought of YouFoxtrot III+2Speranzo
Which Bridge to CrossWaltz IISperanzo
Whispering HopeWaltz III+2Scherrer
Who Let the Dogs OutCha III+1Hilton
Who'll Stop the RainTwostep IIScherrer
Why Don't You Do RightFoxtrot/Jive VScherrer
Wish Me A RainbowWaltz III+1Scherrer
Wish You Were HereWaltz VIBroadwater
Wish You Were Here IVFoxtrot IVLoehr
Wonderful YouFoxtrot IV+2Broadwater