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Wondering if Round Dancing would be something that you would like to do?

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Upcoming Dances

Sunday, April 6, 2014 St Louis RD Council Spring Round Dance Party. Dance 2 - 4:30 pm, phase II - IV. St Louis Activity Center, 5602 Arsenal St, St Louis, MO 63139. Info: Bob & Debbie Pyles   email: Iluv2q@gmail.com.    rounds program

Sunday, May 2-3, 2014 66th Annual St. Louis Jamboree. St. Ann Community Center, 1 Community Center Drive, St. Ann, Missouri. Squares: Tony Oxendine & Jerry Story. Round Dance clinicians: Kay & Joy Read.    flyer    Schedule    rounds program

2012 / 2013 Officers
     Bob & Gerry Tevlin
     Joe & Pat Hilton
     Art & Wanda Kruse
     email   Bob & Gerry
     email   Joe & Pat
     email   Art & Wanda

Recent Choreography

  Have You Ever Seen The Rain
  The Last Blues Song
  Don Juan
  Good Rockin Daddy
  Free To Be You And Me
  1+1 Mambo
  My Own Lovely Lee
  Beale Street Mama FT

Mississippi Queen 30 miles south of St. Louis.

Gene & Del McGinty holding their certificate as Honorary Members of the St Louis Area RD Council.
Council members left to right: Jacqui Landau/Nelson Sansing, Debbie & Bob Pyles, Gerry & Bob Tevlin, Gene & Del in front, Diana & Jerry Broadwater, Judy & Hank Scherrer, Pat & Joe Hilton.

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Maintained by the St. Louis Area Round Dance Council.
photo by Judy Scherrer